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Gulf Coast Tree Service has been in business since 2001 when Tony Wichlenski wanted to start a Tree business that he could be proud of. Tony had worked for other tree companies who were not dedicated to the quality of their work. Tony is passionate about his work and wants to make every customer highly satisfied with the quality work provided by Gulf Coast Trees.

Gulf Coast Trees promises never to price gouge due to storms which can devastate at any time in the Tampa Bay area.

We are also extremely environmentally conscious, we offer ‘Free Mulch’ and will deliver around the Tampa Bay area so the tree trimming are recycled instead of filling up the county landfills.

Tony is a Florida native, born and raised in St Petersburg. Tony has seen the landscape of the Tampa Bay change over the years and is committed to making your property look as beautiful as if it were his own.

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We have all necessary licenses for our area, and we carry insurance for all of our projects.