Pollen Season

With Pollen season in full bloom, keeping your tree trimmed properly and trim off the parts that produce pollen can make your yard more inviting. Early spring is a good time to trim your trees when new growth is appearing and continue to trim as needed to reduce pollen production and in turn will reduce their allergy causing pollen growth. Gulf Coast Trees Inc has been trimming trees throughout the Tampa Bay area for over 22 years and can evaluate your trees for pollen, deadwood and diseased limbs and branches.

Any branches that are dead, dying, diseased or broken should be pruned, this can be done in Florida any time of the year. Keeping your property safe from falling limbs and branches protecting property and individuals from being hurt.

Occasionally your trees need to be removed for safety or if a tree is dying, The signs to look for when your tree needs to be removed are signs of damage and decay, the tree is dead or dying, hollow trees, insect damage, hazardous location or damage from a storm, the tree is invasive or shows signs or root rot.

The City of Tampa has a protection of all trees 5” in diameter and over. Gulf Coast Trees Inc can apply for the permit on your behalf to ensure all permits and permissions are taken care of. The city of Tampa is launching a tree education campaign to reach homeowners and tree- trimming businesses. The city and Gulf Coast Trees Inc want to ensure Tampa keeps its extensive tree canopy, but protect individuals and property from damage also. You must show that the tree poses “unacceptable risk” to persons or property in order to remove the tree.

Gulf Coast Trees Inc is fully insured and bonded to protect your property when we are working on your property, making your residence look amazing and safe from falling branches and limbs.

Gulf Coast Trees Inc works with both residential and businesses. Businesses with trees in and around their parking areas need to keep the trees trimmed away from signage and customers vehicles in order to be more visible and keep customers safe. Trimming and elevating trees can attract more customers to your business giving greater visibility to customers looking for your business.

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